Empower your students 

to use AAC every day

Hey SLPs, get ready to go from feeling lost and unsure about AAC to feeling confident.



  • Knowing where to start with AAC for each child
  • Helping your students/clients with AAC on a daily basis
  • Sessions that truly connect and move your kids forward
  • Harnessing and activating the true power of AAC


When you build a strong AAC foundation you will:

  • Build amazing communication bridges

    You'll see your students make connections with peers, staff, and family members.
  • Significantly boost classroom success

    Helpi AAC users become more successful, not just in speech therapy sessions but in the classroom by accessing their ability to respond and participate.
  • Instantly increase student independence

    Give students the ability to clearly express likes, and dislikes and make comments. You'll be opening a whole new world for him.
  • Change lives

    Be the lead in facilitating long-lasting change and confidently advocate for your AAC users.

THIS SOUNDS GREAT...but right now:

  • You want to help your complex communication needs students but you just don’t have the experience or the knowledge base. 
  • You've tried to sift through all the theory. But it just left you frustrated and even more overwhelmed. 
  • You’ve read some AAC blog articles and watched some YouTube videos and then thought how am I going to make that work in real life?
  • You took an AAC course but when you got back in front of your students you just didn’t know where to start.
  • You have a couple of students that you really think might need AAC but don’t know where to even begin that process. So you tell yourself you’ll get to it later. Only later never comes, and those kids are out there waiting for you NOW!

Here’s why most SLPs abandon the project:

Without a super clear, step-by-step foundational plan, you get completely lost.

You fall victim to paralyzing tech hang-ups, lack of staff buy in and time-sucking planning sessions.

Here’s why this is irreversibly incapacitating.

As an already busy SLP or teacher with students to serve, service minutes to fulfill, and all those IEPs to write you literally can’t afford to veer off course.

Establishing your AAC Skills is something you need to get right the first time.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that aren’t doing it in the best, most effective way. So students are missing out.

But even if you’re a little late to the party, there’s still a golden opportunity for you to jump in and help not only your current students but all the students you’ll have throughout your SLP or teaching career.


Four Reasons Why you're still stuck with a chronic case of AAC paralysis (and how to snap out of it right now)

Reason #1

I have to do this alone.

You’re not the Lone Ranger. There are a lot of moving parts to AAC, you need like-minded peers to bounce ideas off, ask questions and share little victories.

 Solution: Find a mentor who can show you a proven step by step path to AAC success - no more trying to piece together 11 Google results and a course on theory.

Reason #2

I have to be tech savvy.

Here’s the deal. There are many different forms of AAC, both high and low tech. Some SLPs think they’ll have to spend all their time programming new and specific vocabulary into devices. 

Do I have to know how to use all the different types of devices? What if the device breaks down? What if each of my students is on a different type of device?

These are just some of the questions.

Solution: Learn the five key basics you need to know about any device and how to plan one lesson or session to fit multiple devices at the same time.

Reason #3

I don't have time.

Many SLPs approach the ability to teach AAC as “another thing to learn” but the thing is you can’t just treat it as another course to take. It’s an immensely valuable skill that when done right can bring you and your students joy over the course of a career.

Solution: Prioritize your AAC skill building into bite-sized immediately actionable pieces. AAC knowledge is an important asset to take you from scrambling to total boss day in, day out. 

Reason #4

I won't get teacher and staff buy-in when it comes to AAC


It’s hard when you’re expected to be the expert and do it all. Team members look to you at IEP meetings and blame you when you student “isn’t motivated to use his device”. Meanwhile, it’s sitting in his backpack and you’re feeling totally guilty.

Solution: Shift your mindset from “waiting for the perfect team member” to actively creating allies. Build a team of AAC helpers NOW, so your students WILL succeed while you lead the way.

Don't worry friend. I've got you...

It's not your fault you aren't moving forward with AAC. You just don't have the right tools in your toolbox...yet.

"I really just wanted to come on to say thank you for the intensive. It helped me to find direction on this AAC journey with my students. Your information was so helpful! I've started implementing what I've learned with success. My confidence has improved and I feel like I know more about what I am doing and how to do what I need to do."


"I just want you know that I’ve been an SLP for 30+ years, including 10 years at a Child Development Centre, but you’ve just made AAC so much more ‘doable’ and fun.  I so appreciate that you don’t bog it all down in terminology and do’s and don’ts to the point where one is afraid to Jump In!    I just enjoy your web sessions so much and I thank you for making the realm of AAC so user friendly to me."

Leanne, SLP 

"Since AAC Academy, I now feel ... more confident with different AAC systems, general background knowledge with all things AAC and some extremely useful AAC strategies. I am going into my second year of being an SLP and I feel much more confident than I did during my CF because of the AAC Academy. I love the resources that Anne provides us with as members. I feel like the AAC Academy is SO worth it and I highly recommend joining! "

Sarah, SLP


AAC Academy™ Jump Start Intensive

Grow your AAC skills every day so you can confidently empower your students 


After over a decade of helping students with complex communication needs, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works for SLPs and special educators who are:

Stuck in neutral with no idea of how or where to start

Just getting started and don’t have the training they need

Waiting for the elusive “perfect” moment when they finally know exactly how to proceed

Struggling to gain traction with their current students and their team support

In the school system or a pediatric clinic. This is for you whether you’re a speech language pathologist (SLP), speech language pathologist assistant (SLPA), special education teacher or speech language therapist (SLT) ready to create consistent results with impact to match!


AAC Academy™ Jump Start is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Gives you the immediate tech knowledge you need
2. Provides immediately actionable ideas and strategies
3. Gives you a crystal clear AAC roadmap to build your confidence

So if you’re ready to finally build your AAC foundation while avoiding AAC paralysis and uncertainty...

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1


Get a clear understanding of what  you're scared and unsure of.

In this module, I'll give you a snapshot of common AAC mistakes, myths and misconceptions — so you can avoid them as you get started on your AAC journey.

Module Highlights:

  • AAC Common Mistakes
  • AAC Myths and Misconceptions
Module 2

Jump Right In

Feel confident to start right NOW, no need to wait.

Module Highlights:

  •  What you need to know NOW
  • How to quickly get familiar with a new device
  • Highly motivating activities
  • How to be animated and model
Module 3

Bringing Joy

This is probably one of the most important modules, we have to make communication fun and meaningful. Get a clear understanding of the importance of bringing joy to communication along with ideas and demonstrations on how to do it.

Module Highlights:

  • Wind up toys
  • Light up toys
  • Little boxes
  • The importance of novelty
Module 4


Module Highlights:

There are many different forms of high tech AAC. Here you'll get tutorials and handouts on some of the most popular systems.

  • Proloquo2go
  • TouchChat HD with Word Power
  • CoughDrop AAC
  • Classrooms with multiple devices
Module 5

Therapy Ideas

Module Highlights:

Practical ideas and demonstrations to get you started with using core vocabulary right away.

  • Therapy ideas for core word MORE
  • Therapy ideas for core word IN
  • Therapy ideas for core words TURN, I, DO, UP
  • Therapy ideas for core words OPEN, IN, PUT, ON
Module 6


Module Highlights:

This is a total game changer! Learn all about the vital importance of modeling (or using AAC to teach AAC).

  • Four strategies for modeling
  • Modeling practice example
  • AAC in the trenches K-3
Module 7


Module Highlights:

Making a strong connection with your AAC user is vital. Kids learn from people they like. Also learn the importance of connecting with all stakeholders.

  • Building Trust
  • Establishing Connections
  • Examples of Core and Fringe in classrooms
  • Access
  • Ideas for daily classroom activities
Module 8

Goals & IEP

Module Highlights:

  • Writing Authentic AAC Goals
  • Ultimate AAC Goal Planning Guide
  • Tips for parents

Plus you'll be backed by a Risk-Free 30 day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront. AAC Academy TM Jump Start Intensive is a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for SLPs and educators who are excited and COMMITTED to learning how to help their students with AAC.

If you don't feel motivated and more confident by all your new strategies, simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. 


When you enroll you get:

  • 8 Action-Packed Modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to get started with AAC.
  • A proven, step-by-step framework showing you how to connect joyfully with your students, use core vocabulary, and build your confidence . 
  • Tried and true therapy activities to implement right away.


Plus the following bonuses:

  • Core Vocabulary Board Bonus - $10 value
  • The Big Core Vocabulary Board Bonus - $10 value
  • Core Vocabulary Printable therapy materials - $31 value
  • One month of AAC Academy membership - $26 value

Interested in more support?

I usually run a live version of AAC Jump Start once or twice a year. As part of the live version we have weekly LIVE group coaching session answering your questions and clarifying lessons.  If you purchase the self study version of program and then decide you would like to attend the live version, the cost of self study course can be applied to the live version. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining AAC Academy Jump Start Intensive

Yes! You're going to prioritize your AAC skill building into bite-sized immediately actionable pieces. You'll build on that knowledge. AAC knowledge is an important asset that'll take your from scrambling to total AAC boss.

In AAC Academy Jump Start, we've streamlined the process for you. With each module you'll get bite-sized actionable steps that will get you the results you need without having to dig through a lot of extraneous information.

You're going to learn the five key basics you need to know about any device and how to get up and running with it right away.

This course is perfect for you if you're a beginner or just had a little bit of experience with AAC but are ready to know more.

This course is not for AAC experts. It's geared for AAC beginners and people who have had enough experience with AAC to know they need to learn more.

This is a self study course. If you would like access to Anne then sign up for the AAC Academy™. Here you'll get access to Anne through a private Facebook group and regular office hours. You'll find all the details of the AAC Academy™ here.

ASHA - Certification Maintenance Hours

We are currently not a pre-approved ASHA provider, However we are able to allow you to print of a certificate of completion for certification maintenance hours (CMH).

Click here to read more details on this and what is required of you. 


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